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Semantic Universe

Semantic Universe is a joint venture of Wilshire Conferences, Inc. and Semantic Arts, Inc. The mission of Semantic Universe is to raise awareness and explain the usage of semantic technologies in business and consumer settings. Projects by Semantic Universe include the annual Semantic Technology Conference (www.semantic-conference.com) and the SemanticReport newsletter (www.semanticreport.com).

Eric Franzon,
Email: ericaxel(at)SemanticUniverse.com

Wilshire Conferences

Wilshire Conferences is a widely respected education, training, publishing and research organization, focused on the production of high quality conferences, seminars and reports in the information technology industry. Wilshire‘s programs focus particularly on issues related to large-scale data management and integration. Wilshire sponsors the annual Data Management Association (DAMA) International Symposium & WILSHIRE Meta-Data Conference, the Data Governance Conference, and the Information and Data Quality Conference. Additional background on Wilshire Conferences is available here.

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Wilshire Conferences, Inc.
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Semantic Arts

Semantic Arts is a technology consulting company specializing in application of semantics to Enterprise Architecture. Dave McComb, the President of Semantic Arts, is the author of Semantics in Business Systems, published by Morgan Kaufmann.

Semantic Arts, Inc.
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Fort Collins, CO 80254

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